Relocation Progress for August

We’ve been working hard getting everything moved to the new store. We finished the packing, disassembling, painting, and carpeting just in time for the movers to take everything out at the end of our lease on Hilltop.

A special thanks to College HUNKS Movers who said between the boxes and wood from the shelves, this may have been their heaviest move ever.

They helped us get the wood stacked so we can reuse it to build some shelving units for our new space.

As of this morning, we have the shelves for the back wall built.

And the front counter is in place.

All of this is exciting, but it’s later than we originally intended. We were planning to take possession of the new place on July 1st. But with lawyer reviews and insurance taking forever, we ended up getting it three weeks later than that, just before our moving sale.

We were hoping to reopen on September 1st. We’ve realized we need more time to build more shelves and build our inventory system – yes, we’re going to be official with prices and tracking store credit from now on. We may not get prices on all the $4 paperbacks, but we’ll do our best on the rest.

We’re now planning to reopen with what we have on Friday, September 15th. We’ll be hard at work getting everything ready until then.

Since this location has more nightlife, we’re planning to be open from 11 am to 6 pm initially, and then we’ll see how it’s going. We’d like to be available for the dinner crowds, but we’ll see what we can manage.

EDIT 9/5/2023: Now we’re thinking September 22nd. Our property management said our roof was going to be replaced but then clarified it will be next door. But that will still take up extra parking and put some noxious fumes into the area. We decided to push it back a week. We’re starting to label now and hope to start putting books on the few available shelves by the end of the week.