March 9 Author Signing: Jason Bustard

From the author on his book, “The Fae Ingredient”:

“Amandine loves to cook. As the scullery to the noble L’Eau family, she has the perfect opportunity to learn from a master Chef. A chance encounter with a mysterious young man gives Amandine a peek at one of Chef’s most secret ingredients and sets Amandine on a mission to discover what it is. When trouble with the local fae threatens its source, Amandine and her friends race to discover the nature of the fae ingredient before it’s lost forever.”

Jason grew up (mostly) in central California, surrounded by rolling hills, wheat fields, and grapevines. He has been creating worlds for himself and his friends for decades and is a gigantic nerd for everything sci-fi and fantasy-related. Role-playing games, board games, video games, and cooking are just a few of his many hobbies. He lives near Portland, OR, in a multi-generational home with his wife, two kids, two inlaws, and a neurotic bernadoodle.